Labor migration between BiH and SLO

Labor migrations between BiH and Austria

Analysis of Trends and Perspectives in Wage Setting Mechanisms and Policies and Options for Their Application in Developing Sustainable Wage Policies in Republika Srpska

Health Care Systems in BiH – Financing challenges and reform options

Social Transfers – How do Poor People Benefit from Them? (English version coming soon)

Taxation of Wages and the Informal Economy

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Growth of labor productivity – the precondition for increase of wages and stable economic development

Creating a more favorable business environment for decreasing informal (grey) economy in the Republic of Srpska

Analysis of the initiative for decreasing the social contribution rate in the RS

Youth unemployment – the EU and B&H share the problem, but can they also share solutions?

How to achieve lower labor taxation without harming public funds?

Analysis of progress implementing the RS 2011-2015 Employment Strategy

Analysis of the budget policy and budget of the city of Banja Luka

Analysis: Economic recovery or statistical effect?

Analysis: Foreign direct investors´ motivation and their place in the economy of RS

Analysis of Real Economy and Financial Sectors

Wages of MPs and Delegates in the B&H Parliament Unmatched in Europe

Economic forecast for 2013 – cloudy with possible financial tempests

Enrollment policy and higher education funding system in B&H

Obstacles and chances for young people on the way from an idea to successful business in B&H

Historic developments in the EU – important lessons for RS

Reforms in the area of employment and determining of wages in the public sector of RS needed – the sooner the better

Manual for Business Plan Creation

Conservation of biodiversity in B&H through opening environmental jobs in agriculture and forestry

Guide for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants

Planned and implemented measures by the RS Government in relation to the Economic Policy

Are we sliding towards a new global recession and what that means for RS?

How to get better reporting from public employment services in BH?

Introduction of differential VAT rate, more harm than good

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Banking sector still focuses on mere survival

Support to women suffering from muscular astrophysics and paraplegia to become self-employed

Analysis of the financial sector of RS

The Manual for help in action of associations of women

Analysis of macroeconomic factors in RS and FB&H

Public sector wages policy needed

Report on current practice for determining of wages of deputies and delegates in parliamentary bodies of BH

The Basic Labor Market Mechanisms

Unemployment in B&H: The (in)effectiveness of the existing labor market