New project of creating the road map and plans for strengthening the role of local communities – UNDP

As a continuation of activities within the project “Strengthening the Role of Local Communities in B&H” implemented by UNDP, a consortium consisting of Center for Management, Development, and Planning – MDP Initiatives from Doboj, Center for Research and Studies – GEA Banja Luka, and VESTA – Tuzla realizes the task of “The Advancement of Communities … Continue reading New project of creating the road map and plans for strengthening the role of local communities – UNDP

Support to Rural Development

Support to young farmers in the Bosanski Petrovac/Drinic region.

Student Entrepreneurship

Strengthening the entrepreneurial initiative and participation of youth in the public life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Organizational development

Institutional support for the work and development of Center for Research and Studies GEA.

European Cooperation Bridges for Occupational Health and Safety – ECBOHS

Regional cooperation between different actors in the Western Balkans, Croatia and Turkey on the improvement of occupational health and safety.

Increasing employment through biodiversity conservation and the creation of environmental jobs

Contribution to environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources while creating alternative employment and sustainable income.

Report on the current practice of determining wages for MPs in B&H parliamentary bodies

Contribution to the creation of a system that ensures responsible and rational public spending in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Support for women suffering from muscular dystrophy and paraplegia to become self-employed

Training in the creation of traditional products and clothes using weaving and sewing techniques.

Strengthening the position of women in the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad

A series of workshops and presentations for members of three local women’s associations on the effective operation of women’s associations, organic agriculture and rural tourism, and weaving techniques.

The Basic Labor Market Mechanisms

A manual describing basic labor market mechanisms and the most important factors impacting labor markets.