What we do?

GEA – Center for Research and Studies is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that promotes and supports the reform of domestic policies important for sustainable development.

Our main fields of action are:

  • Economic development that supports the sustainable use of resources and the creation of new jobs and employment opportunities,
  • Education and the development of human capital,
  • Poverty reduction and human rights protection,
  • Environmental conservation.

Our activities focus primarily on supporting reforms that help to increase domestic employment, labor market institution capacities, and knowledge and skills among vulnerable groups of the population. We have successfully implemented several major projects and achieved meaningful cooperation with domestic and international institutions and other actors in these areas.


To contribute to sustainable development through support to the reforms of public policies and the development of domestic knowledge.


To promote scientific research and informed debates about public policies that are crucial for sustainable economic development and the growth of human capital.

Why GEA?

Ancient cultures were based upon myths and legends, gods and heroes with divine characteristics. Key concepts and symbols portrayed in myths and legends shed light on these cultures. According to Greek mythology, Gea (The Earth) emerged from the Chaos.

“Later Gea, spacious and firm, became a foundation and habitat nourishing everything that breathes.”