Results of the Student Entrepreneurship project
13. February 2015.

Results of the Student Entrepreneurship project

GEA Center for Research and Studies is proud to present key results and achievements from its Student Entrepreneurship project. Launched in 2012 thanks to financial support from USAID, the basic goal of the project was to encourage youth activism and leadership and to promote entrepreneurship among students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. November 2013.

The Second Youth Business Forum takes place

With the motto “Young AND successful, who dares say it can’t be?”, the second Youth Business Forum took place on October 29 and 30 2013 in Mostar.

9. October 2012.

The first Youth Business Forum Held in Sarajevo

Under the slogan “We don’t want to wait for jobs, we want to create them!”, the first Youth Business Forum was held in Sarajevo on October 2nd and 3rd.