public sector

27. February 2014.

Increasing wages for budget users – a step in the wrong direction?

The announcement by the Government of the Republic of Srpska about increasing the monthly wages of employees in public institutions to restore their incomes to 2008 levels is not all that it may seem. Here GEA provides some context related to this decision.

3. April 2013.

Ognjen Djukic: Huge and Inefficient Public Sector has to be Cut

In the interview by Mr. Ognjen Djukic for the tenth issue of Quarterly Economic Monitor (available at the main theme were problems regarding the public sector in B&H.

2. April 2013.

Wages of MPs and Delegates in the B&H Parliament Unmatched in Europe

Center for Research and Studies GEA has made an analysis of parliamentarians’ wages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a part of the Quarterly Economic Monitor (available in the Publications section).