Enrollment policy and higher education funding system in B&H

29. October 2012.

The key findings of a study analyzing the current higher education funding system in Bosnia and Herzegovina point to the fact that higher education system in B&H is, besides being complex, financially ineffective. Labor market demands urgent change of the enrollment policy and higher education funding system in B&H.

Allocations for higher education do not bring significant results neither in the scientific research area nor in the education of workforce needed at the labor market. The allocation of funds to higher education institutions is done based on the current and inherited state of affairs at an institution, where faculty and spatial capacities play the key and sole role.

Besides, current enrollment policy in B&H disregards labor market needs and it is not based on the analytical planning of needs for workforce over the upcoming period, thus creating imbalance in the number of qualifications entering the labor market and those that are actually needed at the labor market. Such policy creates new workforce whose only role is to fill their spots in labor employment institutes’ registers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nina Brankovic, an expert consultant for public policies analysis, presents in this study the existing models and trends of funding and investment in the higher education systems in the EU and Western Balkans region, as well as an overview of higher education funding systems in the world. A comparative analysis of countries similar to B&H has been elaborated aimed at reaching recommendations and potential solutions for B&H. The study also offers a comparative analysis of the situation at the labor market and how it is related to the way of creating enrollment policies within higher education institutions in B&H.

Based on the completed analysis, the study offers recommendations for the introduction of new measures and change of the existing enrollment policy, since one of the main conclusions of the study is that the current enrollment policy in B&H completely disregards labor market need, which causes additional increase in unemployment, while young people, as the greatest resource of a country, still represent the largest population on registers of unemployed persons.