Labor market and employment as the topic of a TV show called POSLOVNI KRUG

Following the findings from study “How to get better reporting from public employment services in B&H”, a representative of the Center for Research and Studies – GEA took part in a TV show named POSLOVNI KRUG (BUSINESS CYCLE), where there was a discussion about the role of public employment services at labor market, their effectiveness as well as the role of other actors at labor market such as agencies for mediation in employment, institutions for education of adults, civil society organizations and other.

Besides the executive director of the Center for Research and Studies, director of the Institute for education of adults and director of Agency for mediation in employment Spektar participated in the TV show as well.

POSLOVNI KRUG is a TV show series dealing with topics from economy and business, and it is broadcasted live from the BEL television studio in Banja Luka, while reruns are broadcasted on the BOBAR radio (full coverage of B&H) and TV Arena from the city of Bijeljina.