Conference: “Economy in Media – Media on Economy”

Thirty journalists and lecturers from the region attended the conference “Economy in Media – Media on Economy” organized on March 31 and April 1 on Jahorina Mountain. The conference was organized by Center for Research and Studies GEA in cooperation with the Journalists’ Club Banja Luka and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It joined renowned experts and media representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.Experienced lecturers such as Milan Culibrk, editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine NIN, Goran Milic, program director at Al Jazeera Balkans, Sinisa Vukelic, owner of the portal, and journalist Eldar Dizdarevic spoke about their experiences in reporting on economy. They explained how make economic topics interesting, how to use statistical data in a most simple and understandable way, and how to report on a positive story in the area of economy without it being perceived as PR or advertising. “There are 50 TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes it difficult for any journalist to stand out and be recognized by the people, especially if dealing with economic subjects. Therefore, it is important to avoid using common phrases and to create one’s own expression, change the angle of the story and, by doing so, avoid turning it into marketing”, said Goran Milic.  

One of the subjects at the conference was the problem of pressures on journalists dealing with economic topics. Participants emphasized it as one of the reasons why most journalists choose to write about other subjects. Insufficient knowledge about economy was recognized as another major reason.

In the part dedicated to the contribution of experts to media contents, renowned economic experts shared their experiences including professor Vjekoslav Domljan from the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, professor Miodrag Zec from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, professor Ljubo Jurcic from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and the president of the Croatian Economic Association, and professor Adisa Omerbegovic-Arapovic, who gave an introduction presentation “The Reform Agenda and the Model of Social Cohesion as Instruments of the New Capitalistic System in B&H”. The panelists reflected on the situation in B&H and regional economies, describing the challenges that will follow. For several times they emphasized the need of systematic approach in economy and wider social context as well, with the establishment of closer cooperation of media, experts and institutions implementing economic policy as one of important aspects. To illustrate possible ways of such cooperation, Ms. Persa Paic, assistant director of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska held a brief presentation on possibilities for cooperation of media and the RS Tax Administration on the promotion of tax morale.

See the photos from the conference here.