Center for Research and Studies GEA became a member of PASOS!

In September 2012, Center for Research and Studies GEA became the first think tank organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina to be awarded full membership in the PASOS network.

PASOS is the leading network of think tanks from Eastern and Central Europe.

Its strategic goals are the following:

  • To achieve concerted policy impact in building open society.
  • To promote and support research and analytical capacity of entities formulating public interest policy.
  • To have a continuous say in key issues of international relations, the future of the regions, and social transformation.
  • To assist decision-making processes of public interests by providing information to decision-makers and the general public.
  • To foster co-operation among PASOS members and other entities formulating public interest policy.


PASOS promotes and protects open society values, including democracy, rule of law, good governance, respect for and protection of human rights, economic and social development by supporting entities that individually and jointly foster public participation in public policy issues at the European Union level, in other European structures, and in the wider neighbourhood of Europe and Central Asia.

The network currently has 56 member organizations.