New project of creating the road map and plans for strengthening the role of local communities – UNDP

As a continuation of activities within the project “Strengthening the Role of Local Communities in B&H” implemented by UNDP, a consortium consisting of Center for Management, Development, and Planning – MDP Initiatives from Doboj, Center for Research and Studies – GEA Banja Luka, and VESTA – Tuzla realizes the task of “The Advancement of Communities in Selected Areas in B&H towards Government Focused on the Needs of People and Service Delivery” aimed at the development of specific and contextualized “road maps and plans” on the level of local administrations in order to contribute to strengthening the role and functionality of local communities, and also to enable instruments that will facilitate the actions of local community representatives demanding accountability of representatives of local government. Thereby, representatives of local communities were given technical and expert support through the organization of educational events within this process.

Project intervention was expanded to areas of Sarajevo, Zenica, and Mostar regions, i.e. projects of local communities from these municipalities and cities: Jablanica, Ljubinje, Ljubuski, Nevesinje, Ilijas, Visoko, Olovo, Zenica, Stari Grad Sarajevo, Praca FB&H, and Rudo.

During the implementation of this task, in compliance with the defined new vision of LC in B&H, specific focus was placed on 4 thematic fields:

  1. Interaction between local communities and local governments;
  2. Representation of local communities in decision-making processes on the local level;
  3. Interaction between local communities and citizens;
  4. Information/administration services provided by local communities.