The Basic Labor Market Mechanisms

participants Lead applicant:
Center for Research and Studies
DONor state dept Government of USA

Brief overview

The core of the project was the creation of a publication entitled The Basic Labor Market Mechanisms – a simple manual describing basic labor market mechanisms and the most important factors impacting labor markets.

Topics elaborated in the publication include establishing a balance between the supply and demand for labor and identifying the causes of unemployment and  moonlighting. Special emphasis is placed on the impact of different economic policies on new employment and wage levels. Topics were analyzed using the classic economic model of supply and demand.

The publication allows readers to quickly master simple but useful economic tools to help analyze the effects of current and future economic policies on the labor market. A key advantage of this approach is that it provides readers with an ability to apply the same model to multiple issues related to the labor market that extend beyond the scope of the publication.

The document can be found in the Publications section.