Results of the Student Entrepreneurship project

GEA Center for Research and Studies is proud to present key results and achievements from its Student Entrepreneurship project. Launched in 2012 thanks to financial support from USAID, the basic goal of the project was to encourage youth activism and leadership and to promote entrepreneurship among students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

More than 1,500 students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina actively participated in the Student Entrepreneurship project, with its “I Have an Idea” program generating some 1,000 business ideas. The project recognized the need for young people in B&H to begin thinking like entrepreneurs capable of creating their own employment, rather than simply waiting for jobs to be offered to them. Working with students from over 100 different faculties over the past three years has only reinforced our belief in the enormous potential of this population, which must not be neglected. Nurturing this potential will encourage stronger economic development and decreased unemployment in B&H. GEA remains dedicated to this mission,  and will continue to work actively with domestic and international partners to ensure support to those who are willing to take the responsibility to venture into the world of business on their own.