Strengthening the position of women in the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad

PERIOD December 1, 2009. – July 31, 2010
participants Lead applicant:
Center for Research and Studies
Partner:HCABLHelsinki Citizens Assembly Banja Luka
DONOR logo-undp
UNDP – United Nations Development Program in B&H
co-financing mg Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad

General objective

Strengthening the position of women and the development of human capital within women’s associations in the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad through a series of trainings, presentations and practical skills workshops, in cooperation with the local municipality administration.

Specific objectives

  • Increase the level of specialized knowledge and skills among women from three selected associations in the Mrkonjic Grad municipality, through a series of practical workshops on weaving techniques, organic agriculture and rural tourism.
  • Strengthen the internal capacities of the three associations with the help of specialized training on organizational effectiveness.
  • Increase awareness among members of the selected associations about relevant B&H legislation and good practices that can help improve the position of women in the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad and protect their rights.
  • Strengthen cooperation and communication between Mrkonjic Grad women’s associations and local self-government representatives that can support nongovernmental organizations working on women’s issues in preparating domestic and international grant proposals.

Target groups

  • women from rural areas of the Mrkonjic Grad municipality – members of the Nasa Zena association of women from the village of Podrasnica, female members of the Radost MG Association of Families with four or more children, and members of the Mrkonjic Grad Humanitarian Association of Women
  • Mrkonjic Grad local self-government representatives

Achieved results

  • Specialized training was provided to 30 women from the three selected women’s associations in Mrkonjic Grad, strengthening both their individual and organizational capacities. Seminars and workshops in rural tourism and organic agriculture sparked considerable interest, with some trainees already undertaking the first steps to develop these activities to provide future income for their households. A five-day training in traditional weaving techniques, successfully implemented in cooperation with the Duga Humanitarian Association of Women from Banja Luka, proved to be especially useful for members of the Nasa Zena Association of Women from Podrasnica. They acquired new skills and techniques to create traditional clothes and decorations to be displayed and sold in Mrkonjic Grad markets frequented by tourists.
  • A series of seminars and workshops on the organization and management of associations was successfully delivered. Participants acquired new knowledge in strategic planning, work organization, the B&H legislative framework for the operation of associations, sources of financing, drafting project proposals and relevant legislation and good practices in protecting the position and rights and position of women in B&H.
  • A “Manual of Assistance for the work of Women’s Associations” covering seminar discussion topics was produced in cooperation with GEA and the Banja Luka Helsinki Citizens Assembly.
  • Fruitful cooperation was established with representatives of the Mrkonjic Grad municipality administration, who actively contributed to the project and demonstrated good will to continue successful cooperation with the three women’s associations.