Implementation of the project “E-LOCAL – Improvement of administrative e-services at the local level”started

The aim of the E-LOCAL project is to determine level of development of digital administrative services in 4 local self-governance units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and opportunities for their development and extension.

Project activities are divided in two groups: monitoring of local authorities’ work, analysis of collected data for the purpose of preparing monitoring reports; and consultations with citizens and civil society organizations that will enable collection of relevant information from citizens, but also strengthen their capacity to act as a factor of change and demand in the context of public administration services.

Within this project the Centre for research and studies GEA will support online campaign for citizens on platform MOJAUPRAVA The platform serves to provide citizens with possibility to monitor and evaluate public administration work, as well as to share their experiences. Their respective experiences will be taken into consideration when defining recommendations for reform within WeBER 2.0 project related to areas that are the most problematic for citizens, which will afterwards be disseminated to decision makers.     Mind Y(our) Reform! #EU_WeBER