Green jobs – opportunity for B&H

Even though a generally accepted definition of “green jobs” still has not been agreed upon, this job category can be viewed as one of new perspectives and possibilities where Bosnia and Herzegovina could realize significant progress, not only in creating new workplaces, but also through “greening” the existing production processes and capacities.

There are many areas with considerable possibilities for the development of a green employment strategy, while the sectors of forestry and agriculture are surely the most interesting ones. Decreasing negative influence on natural environment through opening green jobs has already been set as the priority direction of development in almost all developed economies. How far has B&H gone when it comes to this issue and which steps are needed to be taken in order to use the most of the available potentials for green employment? This was the topic of the round table named “Green jobs in agriculture and forestry – chances and challenges for Bosnia and Herzegovina” organized by GEA – Center for Research and Studies within the project “Increasing employment through the creation of environmental jobs and biodiversity conservation”, funded by European Union. The organization of such event was aimed at promoting active dialogue among all key actors in order to deliver suggestions and possible solutions that could contribute to sustainable development and creation of new employment simultaneously protecting natural environment.

More on possibilities for green employment in the sectors of agriculture and forestry in B&H can be found in the study: Conservation of biodiversity in B&H through opening environmental jobs in agriculture and forestry (local language).